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6355Re: [beekeeping] Rules concerning honey sales to general public

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  • D.O.
    Dec 2, 2005
      Laws and enforcement of them, vary from state to state
      and county to county. I'm not a lawyer, and this is
      not legal advice.

      By my experience, if you sell to friends, family, and
      neighbors, nobody cares. You are a small-time
      operator. I know beekeepers who have sold from their
      small-time operating to the public without any
      trouble. It isn't like the Mexicans here who go
      door-to-door selling cheese they made in their
      bathtub. People get sick from that.

      Keep it clean, label your honey, charge a fair price,
      don't act like a dope. You won't have problems.

      --- jesse cameron <jesseallencameron@...> wrote:

      > I have heard differing stories as to the rules
      > associated with selling honey to the general public
      > as a beekeeper versus a honey packer. Some have
      > said you need a packaging license just to bottle a
      > jar of honey and sell it to your family or neighbor.
      > Others have said no. I live in Tempe Arizona and
      > keep bees in the Phoenix area. Generally I sell my
      > honey wholesale to a friend who is also a honey
      > packer who has told me that I really don't need a
      > special license to sell honey to my friends and
      > neighbors. I have searched on google but can't seem
      > to find any literature about how to even get a honey
      > packaging license. Personally I don't like store
      > bought honey as compared to honey out of my hives
      > (or family and friends hives for that matter)
      > straight. At best all it needs is a paint filter
      > straining to get out the wax and bee parts for looks
      > and then off it goes. What do you all think?

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