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6079Re: [beekeeping] Suddenly mean bees

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  • Chip Phelps
    Oct 5, 2005

      A little help here. Where are you located? How ofter do you "visit"
      your bees. Did this just happen in the past couple of days, or have you
      been absent from your hive for many days / weeks?

      If you are in an affected state (TX, AZ, CA, etc.) the most obvious
      answer maybe be that they have been africanized. But that is a HUGE
      jump with nothing to go on.

      They could also be very low on honey reserves, fighting off other
      regular predators (bears, skunks, etc), or have re-queened themselves
      with one more hostile (but not necessarily Africanized). Too many
      questions out there and possibilities..

      Give us an idea of where you are, and what your life is like there. How
      many hives in your apiary, things like that.

      I do know that I make it a point to visit my hives many times a week,
      and run the lawn mower near there VERY regularly just to keep them all
      used to "people" sounds and, I am told, that if I do this regularly they
      will be used to it and not go berserk when this new scary sound comes by.

      Sorry I/we couldn't be more helpful without more information.


      Martin Gutzmer wrote:

      >Yesterday I was mowing around my hives on a riding mower - did it all
      >summer - no problem.
      >Yesterday about 40 bees came charging out and followed me and my dog all the
      >way across our property 3.7 acres.
      >This is a real change in bEE havior. Any ideas why??
      >Please advise,
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