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6060Deformed wings

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  • Mike Gillmore
    Oct 2, 2005
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      Hello everyone,
        It's me again with another one of my stupid questions.
        I walked breifly through one of my yards today and at one hive I noticed quite a few bees scattered around in the grass that had deformed wings. I've been feeding them plain grease patties for about two months now....this was a captured swarm from June.... but apparently that is not going to prevent the mite problem. These are the first signs of trouble that I have seen with this hive and they have so far been very successful in building up a good population, storing up plenty of nectar & pollen for winter, and are also working on a super right now.
        Is it normal to periodically see a certain number of sick bees driven from a hive ? Is time to go to the next step in treatment ( I was hoping to go the natural route, maybe not ) ? Is it too late ? What should I do next ?
      I've been out of beekeeping since the middle 70's and this is my first year back at it. Things were different then and I'm in the steep part of the learning curve trying to stay alert to the threats of the day. Experience is the best teacher but I also like to learn as much as possible from the lessons that others have learned. I will greatly appreciate all of your advice.
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