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590Re: trouble with a division board feeder

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  • k0zmr
    May 1, 2002
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      Division board feeders are a pain. You have to make sure there is a
      piece of wood in the feeder that floats freely when you fill it. That
      gives the bees something to hang on to. I use them in nucs (4-5
      frames) that I'm going to be moving around. It is a hassle to fill
      them and to get them out.

      I'd recommend some sort of top feeder. Mann Lake has some good 3
      gallon feeders that are pretty indestructible. Don't waste time w/
      the 1 gallon size. The three gallon is about right for fall or spring

      I put the top feeder over an inner cover or migrating cover w/ a hole
      in it and then put an empty deep supper and telescoping cover over the
      whole thing to protect it from the elements and weather. The top
      feeder is nice because you can usually pull it off w/ having to suit
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