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589Bee Venom and MS

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  • typicaldrone
    May 1, 2002
      Shanta McBain <shanta@f...> wrote:
      > The stings are
      > vary good for you. There is a lot of conditions that respond well
      > bee stings. Auto immune disorders, like arthritis, fibro myalgia,
      > etc. It generally builds the immune system. The opposite of
      > vaccinations, and antibiotics etc.

      Hi Shanta

      I am interested in your comments about bee venom and MS. I suffer
      with relapsing-remitting MS, fortunatly with almost no long term
      disability, but I used to get at least 2 relapses per year. Since
      keeping bees, this is only my second season, I have had NONE!
      (possibly coincidence)

      Do you know of any studies that are working on venom in MS or any

      (Berkshire, UK)
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