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523Re: [beekeeping] After extracting..then what?

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  • Joel Govostes
    Jan 23, 2002

       Better to heat the honey rapidly and not expose it to heat for such a long time, I think.  Liquefy the honey and remove it from the heat a.s.a.p.

      A hot water bath will liquefy honey either in the jars or in a pail.  Just get a big pot, that the bottom of the pail will fit into.

      Put a couple small blocks or strips of wood at the bottom of the pot, to keep the pail raised up a little.  Add as much water as you can, and turn on the burner to low-medium heat.  Once the water heats up, just keep it barely simmering.  Stir the honey in the pail frequently, to distribute the heat, until it's all liquefied.   The honey will remain liquid for several weeks or months after this treatment.

      If you're warming the jars, loosen the lids a little while they're in the hot water bath.  Then tighten them when the honey is all liquified and you remove them from the water.

      Joel near Ithaca (not far away!)

        "barbmiller.rm" <barbmiller@...> wrote:

      Hello beekeepers!
      Coming out of lurkdom here to pose a few questions to all of you. 
      Last year was my first for selling honey.  I extracted and filtered
      into a 5 gallon plastic bucket fitted with a honey gate.  After a few
      days, the honey went into pint mason jars for sale.  The honey
      crystallized in the jars rather quickly - something I would like to
      avoid next year.  I've read about the fridge with a light bulb and
      that's not feasible right now. From doing a search on Bee-L, I know
      that I can heat the honey to 120 F. and hold it for 24 hours.  Can I
      buy a heat belt from say, Dadant and just heat it in the plastic
      bucket?  Please.... help this struggling beekeeper out and give her
      some ideas on what to do......
      Barb Miller
      N. Central PA

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