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4634New BeeKeeper.

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  • Sharon Lee
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Hello all, I am Sharon and I am new to this Hobby.
      I have been reading all I can about the Subject tho, and find that by
      reading all the different books I get a little confused by the
      I have also been reading all the posts on this forum.
      I took a short Beekeeping class offered by the area Beekeeper
      Association. I did learn a lot but also was confused too.
      When one speaker would tell us not to get into Beekeeping for the
      the next one said that there is money to be made in the products of
      Beekeeping, honey, wax, etc.
      I have recently acquired two bee swarms from Walter T. Kelley Co. in
      They have been very helpful in my gettin started with buying all the
      necessary items for becoming a good Beekeeper.
      I have had these bees for only one month, and am learning daily from
      them and how they work and how they react to others.
      I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will take these bees to
      become "Established"?
      I think they are doing OK, but, wonder if they will have enough to
      during the winter, for they seem to be slow to progress.
      They have drawn out about seven of the ten frames in the first hive
      body and I am now preparing to add the second hive body, probably
      tomorrow, for I don't want to bother them too much, it seems to stunt
      them somehow.
      If you have any suggestions just post them and I will read them daily.
      Thanks for all the information and help you have already given and
      hopefully will continue to give to all of we "Newbee's."
      Thanks again.
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