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4Re: Queen grafting

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  • TE & CS Taylor
    Mar 29, 1999
      Susan Jordan wrote:
      > From: "Susan Jordan" <geronimo_13@...>
      > Hi, we are novice beekeepers who have had bees for 3 years now. We are
      > now at the stage that we want to create more hives by making new nucs.
      > We have had difficulty finding information on this process and would
      > appreciate any hints, tip, tricks, and if you have some time, we would
      > really appreciate someone explaining their method of how they would go
      > about this. Any advice is valuable.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Susan
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      Hi Susan,
      What part of the world are you in????
      We are in New Zealand so I may be able to help you from this side of the
      world if you are nearer here than the others who have replied to you so
      far. Mainly just a month vs season change.
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