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  • tomas mozer
    Jul 9, 2000
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      Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 19:10:00 +1200
      Reply-To: Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology
      Sender: Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology
      From: Robert Mann <robt_m@...>
      Subject: GM AND BEEKEEPING

      This note is intended for beekeepers and those connected with bee
      ecology. I urge assiduous promulgation of this core information.

      Genetic modification (GM), also called genetic engineering (GE), is
      a topic to concern beekeepers. If bees feed their larvae pollen containing
      - to no good purpose - a modified version of a Bt toxin, then plant-GM
      might harm bees. There are many other possible scenarios of harm to bees
      from GE plants. The Cornell expts by Losey et al. showed monarch larvae
      severely poisoned by Bt pollen.
      More directly, vague noises have been made about possibly tampering
      with bees' DNA in attempt to increase, for example, varroa resistance.
      It is therefore important for beekeepers to be well informed about
      the infant technology of GM.

      For this purpose the two best websites are:


      The following new statement is by an actual expert. He was, for example,
      brought to New Zealand recently to consult on GE trees with the Forest
      Research Institute and to confer with scientists at AgResearch.


      Robt Mann
      Mulgoon Professor emeritus of Environmental Studies, U of Auckland
      consultant stirrer & motorcyclist
      P O Box 28878, Remuera, Auckland 1005, New Zealand (9) 524 2949

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