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    Aug 14, 2004
      I Forget how this string started but...Aug/Sept is the time to plant Crocus. That is one of your very early spring pollen sources. It can be planted all through your lawn. Crocus blooms before your lawn begins growing...by the time your lawn needs mowing, the crocus are done.
      Bob Stockley
      Lagrangeville NY.

      david flathman <flathmand@...> wrote:
      frank pellett wrote a book called american honey plants.
      i check this book often as i see flowers blooming to check if they are a source of pollen or necter or not.

      DOUG BENNETT <dougbwv@...> wrote:
      I have about 1/2 acre to plant. We have pasture and woodland around us but have trouble in the july- august time period for forage. the aster and goldenrod will be blooming soon. I am trying to keep them busy as much as possible.

      don <don_nairn@...> wrote:
      Bees forage over a large area even over a high yeilding crop they
      will fly over a Km how small is you area?

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "dougbwv" <dougbwv@y...> wrote:
      > Can someone pont me in the direction of a list or tell me the
      > of good forage plants for a small area. I have rtead thaT ANISE
      > HYSSOP is supposed to be a very good nectar plant. are there
      > that I can work into my landscape? I live in north central West
      > Virginia. I have plenty of forage trees in the spring but am
      > later plants.
      > Thanks
      > dougbwv

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