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2570Re: [beekeeping] Greetings

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  • Matthew McCleary
    Jul 1, 2004
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      Scot Mc Pherson said:
      > Although you don't have to start with 1000 beehives, you really can't just
      > start keeping bees "part-way" you either have bees or you don't, and if
      > you
      > don't care for them properly (giving them a proper home and setting), they
      > won't do very well and may even be a source of problems for you and your
      > neighbors when the bees show they aren't happy.

      Agreed. I am currently in the research and hive-building phase. I have the
      space and the time to do this the right way; I want to make sure I do.

      Neighbors aren't such a concern; I'm on 3.6 acres and the nearest house is
      about three-quarters of a mile away. Also there are existing hives within
      a few miles, and bees everywhere (at least, there are on my Mexican Bird
      of Paradise flowers).

      > I don't like the SCA, too many rules.

      As a seneschal, sometimes I don't like it either! But to be honest, it's
      my interest in brewing / meadmaking / beekeeping that is *keeping* me in
      the SCA. Otherwise I would have said to hell with it quite some time ago.
      There is just as much politicking in the SCA as in the real world, in
      spite of what SCAdians may tell you.

      > On the other hand, I do make mead.

      That more than makes up for you not being in the SCA, far as I'm
      concerned. =)

      <-- .\\ -->
      Matthew S. McCleary, hayduke at nmt dot edu
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