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  • davidbrowder
    Jul 1, 2004
      Truly my Lord, a man who rattles his helm with rattan under a broiling summer sun is well prepared to battle bees in a beesuit!!  Be it known that the Langstroth (And the topbar for that matter) are pretty recent inventions and wouldn't be "period".  Had a "swarm" year back in the '80s and flat out, ran out of things to keep em in. Made a skep out of hay, it took about a fourth of a bale. looked pretty crummy, but practice would have made perfect in time I guess. That fall I got around three quarts for my time and labour. It fell apart pretty quickly that winter out in the rain, DOHH!!, keep it under a roof!!  Got twice that from my cardboard box hive though!!  Be forewarned the Mundanes'll be all over you if ya go period with a skep, can't inspect em, laws against em, blah,blah,finger wagging, blah, blah, call the agri-cops, ect.,ect..  Deal with them AS YOU WILL.  As we're talking CREATIVE anachronism, might I recommend getting standard mundane hives and forcing them to swarm early by feeding heavily in the spring. Then one could catch the swarms and be "period" about it. I'd harvest in the fall (You can still buy sulfur for cleaning out the insides of casks, and killing the bees, at homebrew stores) on any thing that I couldn't treat for mites. To learn both modern and historical beekeeping from scratch (At the same time) is a pretty heavy load. You'll need both luck and sweat!! Been keeping bees long BEFORE my SCAdian times. Used to take a lot of honey, mead and candles to the wars for trading, currying favors and negotionating virtues back in the 80's. Alas, now I'm 49, out of shape and my armour is rusty, long since retired. Haven't held a sheild since Pennsic XVII. Still do the bee "things" though. Contact me offsite if ya need advice of this ILK.
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      Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 1:21 PM
      Subject: [beekeeping] Greetings

      Hello, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.

      My name is Matthew and I live in southern New Mexico. I play in the
      Society for Creative Anachronism and am planning to do a
      several-years-long Arts&Sciences project in which I hope to keep bees and
      make mead from the honey produced.

      I'm currently working on building either a five- or ten-frame Langstroth
      hive in preparation for adding bees in the spring. I'd like to have a
      "practice" hive before I actually begin my project.

      Any other SCAdians here?

      Good to meet you all.


      <-- .\\ -->
      Matthew S. McCleary, hayduke at nmt dot edu

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