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2565Re: [beekeeping] Greetings

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  • Scot Mc Pherson
    Jul 1, 2004
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      On Thursday 01 July 2004 01:21 pm, Matthew McCleary wrote:
      > Hello, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.
      > My name is Matthew and I live in southern New Mexico. I play in the
      > Society for Creative Anachronism and am planning to do a
      > several-years-long Arts&Sciences project in which I hope to keep bees and
      > make mead from the honey produced.
      > I'm currently working on building either a five- or ten-frame Langstroth
      > hive in preparation for adding bees in the spring. I'd like to have a
      > "practice" hive before I actually begin my project.

      > Any other SCAdians here?
      > Good to meet you all.

      Although you don't have to start with 1000 beehives, you really can't just
      start keeping bees "part-way" you either have bees or you don't, and if you
      don't care for them properly (giving them a proper home and setting), they
      won't do very well and may even be a source of problems for you and your
      neighbors when the bees show they aren't happy.

      I don't like the SCA, too many rules.

      On the other hand, I do make mead.

      Scot Mc Pherson <scot@...>
      Sarasota, Florida, USA
      ICQ: 342949 AIM: ScotLFS MSN: behomet@...
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