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2482Re: [beekeeping] slow building hive - HELP

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  • Scot Mc Pherson
    Jun 1, 2004
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      On Tuesday 01 June 2004 08:33 am, James A. Ward wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > My package of bees have been in their hive for about 3 - 4 weeks.

      > My question is why is there not more advancement?

      Sounds like everything is fine to me.

      > Is it possible that they don't like the plastic frames/foundation?

      Yes generally teh bees don't like it so much, and it could be contributing to
      their not building so much comb. Bottom line though is they don't build comb
      unless they need it.

      > I was told it had been rainy and cool for a
      > good portion of the time I was gone, which likely is also probably a large
      > factor.

      It's possible, but again I think your bees are doing fine. I am betting the
      package wasn't very large or there were lots of dead bees in the package. The
      bees will build comb as large as the foundation is first and won't go any
      larger until some bees are borne to make the cluster of bees larger, then
      after to 1st brood cycle or so they will start to build more comb as they
      need it for larger brood coverage or for honey storage.

      > What can I do to get them built up??

      After 4 weeks its generally safe to stop feeding them. Watch them, if they are
      putting away stores and you haven't been feeding them for a week then you
      know they don't need to be fed any more. If the honey stores get less and
      less, then you should resume feeding.

      Scot Mc Pherson <scot@...>
      Sarasota, Florida, USA
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