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238Handling Pollen

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  • Susan Jordan
    Jan 1, 2000
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      Well, this list has been rather quiet lately. I hope everyone had a nice
      holiday and a Happy New Year (I trust you all survived Y2K). Anyways, this
      coming beekeeping year, I am going to collect pollen from my hives. I
      purchased one of the new plastic pollen traps last year and I was wondering
      about other beekeepers procedure in caring for the pollen after it is
      harvested (cleaning,drying) Also, I am aware that you can freeze it, what
      about not freezing it, will that work. I was told by someone that pollen is
      more potent when it hasn't been frozen - not sure if it's true though. Well,
      thanks anyways.

      Susan Jordan
      Ontario, Canada
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