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2287Re: [beekeeping] Roundup and bees

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  • Shanta McBain
    May 3, 2004
      On May 3, 2004 05:58, VERONICA THOMPSON wrote:
      > My husband uses round up in his beeyards so it is safe

      Just because he use it it dose not mean its safe to use. Read the docs on the
      chemical on the government pages about the chem. Also give the medical mags a
      search on the relationship between growth hormones and cancer and tell me
      again this and other commonly use substances such as aspertain and MSG.

      Two point of interest

      There has been a class action suite brought against the producers and major
      users of aspertain. This in timing with Mr Bushes new push to pass a law in
      the US that releases all food manufactures, distributors etc. from financial
      or legal responsibility of additives they put in there products.

      The responsibility for the health of our planet starts and ends with you.

      Shanta McBain
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