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17769Beekeeper lost apiary in fire

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  • washingtonbeewoman
    Jul 20 8:10 AM
      Rob Jenkins posted this on a beekeeping page on facebook:
      Hi I know that you folks are quite a ways away. I am in Lewis County. I ask that you please read this and maybe you might be able to help with my effort here.
      OK friends. I am going to try to do something and I may be taking on too much but. Please read this story. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhoneyfiend.com%2Fapiary-profile-cougar-canyon-apiaries-malott-wa%2F&h=HAQFdzH8L . I have been informed he lost his home, entire apiary and bee business. The man is a fellow beekeeper. I must try to help. While I know it is way too early to do anything. In a few days I will be attempting contact. I am going to offer to give him some of my hives complete. I already have transportation arranged. While my few hives may not be much I know that every little bit can help him get up and running again. I would like to think that there may be a few others willing to help too.

      I'm going to take it to my local beekeeping group and hope you will pass this around. It'd be great if state beekeepers could get this beekeeper some bees.

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