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17663Re: [Beekeeping] new - want to start this summer...

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  • Carol A Sharpe
    Jun 11, 2014
      Charly O.

      This is the summer you gather the equipment you need and as much
      knowledge as you can absorb. As suggested, beekeeping clubs, classes and
      the always at the fingers - internet. There are groups such as this one
      and others on Yahoo. There are a number of good forums. Youtube has TONS
      of videos on all aspects of beekeeping. Even Facebook has numerous groups.

      An internet search for beekeeping suppliers should assist in
      finding either a local or one with reasonable shipping. Shipping
      woodenware is expensive. But many of the suppliers offer free shipping
      at certain times of year.

      Once you have a couple hives worth of equipment (I, as most others,
      recommend keeping at least two hives for reasons of sharing resources).
      Plus the basic safety gear - smoker, veil, hive tool, long sleeves and
      gloves. Put the word out that you are willing to capture a swarm. You
      might just get lucky as I did with a call from a neighbor "Are you still
      wanting bees?? There is a swarm hanging in my tree". I had NO CLUE what
      I was doing but managed to get them into a box and home. That was last
      year. That hive is booming this summer and I already pulled a split plus
      managed to capture the swarm it threw despite my efforts. I also caught
      a small late swarm that also survived the winter and it too swarmed and
      I caught them. (I didn't think they were strong enough to swarm - WRONG!!!
      Carol in TN

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