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17658Re: Colony Collapse Mystery Solved, Really?

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  • billbird2111
    May 23, 2014
      Listen -- I am all for solving this problem. Because it's a big problem here in the states and in California where I am. And if the great body of research evidence pointed to anything that farmers are spraying out in the field -- then let's put a stop to it. Now. And I would be all for it.

      But the point I'm trying to make is this: there is no great body of research pointing to one singular issue behind CCD. And if there is -- I haven't seen it yet. But when I see articles from agenda-driven sites like Mother Jones, it frustrates me. Because it's not purporting to solve a problem, it's pushing an agenda. And that agenda is "all fungicides and pesticides are bad for you."

      We all know that this isn't the truth. But we have people pushing an agenda who think it to be true. And if often misleads folks into doing the wrong things.

      The bottom line is this. Your average, everyday consumer who doesn't garden and doesn't keep bees is going to demand fruits and produce that are clean and without any sort of bug damage. If they see it -- they won't buy it.

      Fungicides and pesticides, whether people like it or not, play a key role in delivering the foods that people demand. That isn't going to change -- Mother Jones rant or no Mother Jones rant.
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