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17656Re: [Beekeeping] Re: Colony Collapse Mystery Solved, Really?

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  • Thomas Janstrom
    May 22 5:32 PM
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      Further to this, the ban in Europe only came into effect a year ago, and considering the half life of these chemicals in the soil and the ease with which plants take them up, the moratorium there may not even be of a long enough duration to show a meaningful impact on the issues at question.

      (in a CCD free country that also uses these chemicals)

      On 23/05/2014 2:43 AM, billbird2111@... [Beekeeping] wrote:

      This is a link to the ultra-left wing Mother Jones report. Nothing on Mother Jones is remotely reliable in terms of real scientific reporting.

      Two years ago this very same organization was blaming CCD on nicotine-based fungicides (neonicotinoids). They still blamed CCD on these fungicides, even though there are places in this world where CCD is not a problem (Canada), yet these fungicides are commonly used. Mother Jones continued to place the blame for CCD on these fungicides, even though they've been banned in countries where CCD continues to be a problem (France, Germany).

      As an amateur beekeeper who is just as concerned about CCD as everyone else, I'm not about to make any conclusions on anything published by Mother Jones.

      Sacramento, CA

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