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176483 missing queens?

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  • chris o
    May 17 6:12 PM
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      I am new to beekeeping as of last month. A brief history of the last 5 weeks:
      •  2 nucs into hives on 4/10. At that time I observed both queens (1 was marked green, the other unmarked).
      • Less than 3 weeks later, one of the colonies had filled the deep (I had added a medium, but the colony ignored it & stayed in the hive body) and was creating swarm cells. After consultation, I split that colony into another hive.

      I inspected all 3 hives today. The colony that was not split is strong and doing fine with regard to honey and pollen, although not all of the foundation has been drawn out yet. One of the split colonies is doing well as well. The other appears to be weak (but hey, no swarming!).

      But none of the colonies have ANY eggs or larvae. I've observed both in all hives with each inspection until today. In fact, I'm still no good at spotting the queen and thus relied on the presence of eggs and larvae to verify her activity. Today, I still observed no queens and found no  eggs and larvae.

      This seems so unlikely I am questioning my vision! One of the split hives had 4-6 swarm cells before the split. The cells were gone!

      I'm going to ask a member of our local beekeeper association to come inspect my hives with me to see if I'm missing everything. I hate to think about trying to find 3 queens to buy (and paying for them) after all the expenses of getting started.

      If anyone has a suggestion, I'm open to about anything at this point.

      Chris in Georgia
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