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17646Re: [Beekeeping] Something weird happened to one of my hives

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  • Jorg Kewisch
    May 7, 2014
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      Are not disappearing bees and no robbing of the left-overs symptoms of
      colony collapse disorder? If it is, how confident are you that the swarm
      you saw came from that hive?


      On 05/06/2014 04:47 PM, Michael Zaiontz wrote:
      > Hello Everyone,
      > I'd like to get your opinion. Here's what happened:
      > I was home the other day and I thought what I saw was a swarm. I'm not
      > too sure now. One of my hives (I have 8) was week but hanging on. One
      > day there were bees and the next they were gone. That swarm may have
      > been them leaving. Anyway, the hive consisted of 3 deep supers with the
      > 3rd above an excluder screen. The bottom 2 deeps were empty. There was
      > drawn comb, nice pattern, with what looked like honey cells on the
      > outside, brood cells on the inside. There was virtually nothing, no
      > brood, no honey, no queen cells, no sign of disease. Except for the top
      > super that was full of capped honey!
      > So I extracted the honey and put the frames out for the other bees to
      > clean off. For some reason only a few bees came to the frames. It's as
      > if they did not want the honey. So to experiment, I put a small amount
      > of honey on an inverted cup about 5 feet from the entrance to the hives.
      > No takers. I would have thought they would have cleaned it up in seconds.
      > Any ideas to this mystery? Why would bees not want honey? I'm going
      > to try to get the honey tested to see if it contaminated.
      > BTW - For reference my location is Louisiana
      > Mike Z
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