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17644Something weird happened to one of my hives

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  • Michael Zaiontz
    May 6, 2014
      Hello Everyone,
      I'd like to get your opinion. Here's what happened:
      I was home the other day and I thought what I saw was a swarm. I'm not too sure now. One of my hives (I have 8) was week but hanging on.  One day there were bees and the next they were gone. That swarm may have been them leaving.  Anyway, the hive consisted of 3 deep supers with the 3rd above an excluder screen.  The bottom 2 deeps were empty. There was drawn comb, nice pattern, with what looked like honey cells on the outside, brood cells on the inside.  There was virtually nothing, no brood, no honey, no queen cells, no sign of disease. Except for the top super that was full of capped honey!
      So I extracted the honey and put the frames out for the other bees to clean off.  For some reason only a few bees came to the frames. It's as if they did not want the honey. So to experiment, I put a small amount of honey on an inverted cup about 5 feet from the entrance to the hives. No takers. I would have thought they would have cleaned it up in seconds.
      Any ideas to this mystery?   Why would bees not want honey?  I'm going to try to get the honey tested to see if it contaminated.
      BTW - For reference my location is Louisiana
      Mike Z
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