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17634Re: Sugar water

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  • michael_bush_beekeeper
    Apr 28, 2014
      I would guess they have gotten strong fast because its spring.  As they get stronger they tend to be more defensive.  There is a loose correlation between getting honey bound and defensive which may give a loose correlation between the sugar syrup and defensiveness. Maybe they need more room.  Or maybe you have different genetics now than you used to.  Or maybe the skunks are harassing them.  Feeding syrup often attracts robbers and defending against robbers makes them more defensive in general.  Feed sugar syrup always attracts ants and fighting the ants makes them more defensive in general.  I guess the real question is why are you feeding the syrup?  What are you hoping to accomplish?  There is no reason to if there is a flow and there may or may not be before the flow depending on the timing of the flow and the timing of the buildup in our location.  In most Northern locations I don't see any benefit unless they are going to starve and I see a lot of downsides...


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