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17632Re: [Beekeeping] Over-wintered, Now what?

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  • Mike S
    Apr 26 6:13 PM
      As mentioned before, switch the boxes so that the brood with the queen is at the bottom and the open celled frames are in the box at the top.  Queen will move up and lay in those if she is a good queen.  That process is called reversing by the way.
      Mike in LA

      On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 10:17 PM, Thomas Powell <tppjr@...> wrote:
      Swap boxes, put the top on the bottom and bottom on top.  Good time to clean off the bottom board real good too.
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      I have been trying to overwinter bees for several years. I finally did it, even in the harsh PA. winter that we had. I am feeding them sugar water and patties and they are all at the top of the hive. How do I get them down to the bottom of the deep box?

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