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17564RE: [Beekeeping] Apimondia 2013 regards poor beekeepers

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  • karon
    Jan 23, 2014

      This really does not surprise me. I have been an anti “antibacterial’ soap person. Yes, the double negative is intentional. I made handcrafted soap for 20 years as a business. I once had a customer ask me if my soaps were anti bacterial. I asked her if she had ever seen mold grow on soap?


      There are only two places where antibacterial soap is appropriate, in a medical setting or a bank (money is NASTY!)


      When we ask for antibiotics for a cold (which do nothing for a cold, a cold is a virus, not bacteria) we are doing nothing except making bad bacteria stronger. Children who grow up in spotless, scrubbed to within an inch of its life households, often tend to be the ones allergic to the very air they breathe. My kidlets were both the kids who sat in my garden, while I planted veggies, and ate dirt at a year or two old. Disgusting diapers but healthy kids.


      So, inoculate your family and your bees the natural way. And they will be much more healthy. There are legitimately ill people who need that kind of care, but, don’t assume every kid will have these problems, often that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Vaccination is based on a simple idea, exposure makes you stronger. Stands to reason the same thing would apply to bees.


      Karon Adams

      Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA)

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      Apimondia 2013 regards poor beekeepers

      Permission for me to repost this & THX to Bill Wood & the Warré list::
      Short - Read to the end. Very telling... BillSF9c

        On Sunday, 19 January 2014, 20:54, "woodbillr@..." wrote:

        Apimondia 2013 October, 201 saw the 43rd International Apiculture Congress
      take place in Kiev, Ukraine and over 7000 beekeepers, scientists, apitherapists,
      vendors and pollinator enthusiasts descended onto Kiev's giant, awkward
      Exhibition Hall. For five days the participants networked, compared notes,
      conducted business, sampled honey, presented findings, absorbed science and
      milled around the bright, spacious ApiExpo while thinking, speaking and
      breathing “bee.” In reporting on this conference William Blomstedt wrote for the
      American Bee Journal:

        •           Generally speaking, poorer beekeepers have healthier bees
      than wealthier beekeepers. This, according to Dr. Nicola Bradbear, president of

      an Apimondia standing committee, is because the poorer beekeepers do not use
      chemicals or antibiotics in their hives, and they often allow swarming and drone

        •           Later in the conference, keynote speaker, Dr. Tom Seeley
      offered some solid research to back up Dr. Bradbear's thoughts.

       - THE END -


      -----Original Message-----
      Bill, Would you mind if I repost this on the SonomaBee list, here in CA?
      ...Maybe a couple others?
      Credit as below and a mention of the Warré list?

      I do not at all mind that you repost it. After all, I merely copied it from the
      American Bee Journal. My name and website may be mentioned or my name needn't be
      mentioned. Thank you for asking. Greetings. -Bill

      Bill Wood
      (541) 687-8211

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