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17544Re: [Beekeeping] Best Honey extractor?

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  • Mike S
    Nov 26, 2013
      >>>   Can you give me any tips on how to select good quality?

      The two main types of extractors are radial and tangential.  Using the tangential means you have to flip the frames and you run a greater risk of blowing out your drawn comb.  Radial extractors are easier to use and more effecient.  Of course, just about all extractors are stainless steel now and need to be so for food sanitation.

      Motorized?   How many hives do you have and do you expect to have in the next five years or so?  If you have or intend to have about ten or less hives, then save the money and get a hand cranked extractor.  It's good exercise for the arms and cleans the frames out almost as good as the motorized ones.  If you don't want that exercise, or just have the money to spend, then motorized extractors make extraction a lot easier.

      The six to nine frame extractors will handle frames up to the Illinois mediums, but if you are planning on extracting deep frames then I would suggest twelve frame or larger extractors that advertise the capability of extracting deep frames radially.  Some smaller extractors advertise that they will extract deep frames, but they do it tangentially and that is a slow and cumbersome process if you have any number of those frames to extract.

      Final thoughts:  Think ahead five years to what you think you will have in the way of the number of hives you are running.  If you think you might be expanding, it would probably be best to buy a bigger, more capable, extractor.  If you do buy smaller, you could probably sell it later at  1/2 to 3/4 of what you paid for it if it is in good shape and well taken care of.  Also, if you go in together with some beekeeping buddies, the lot of you might be able to afford a better extractor and get more use out of it each year.  I work with two other beekeeping buddies and we get really good use out of my manual radial extractor.  I am seriously considering buying a conversion kit and changing it out to become a motorized extractor.  But, it's almost impossible to extract deep frames with it.  It is very cumbersome and time consuming.
      Mike in LA

      On Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:33 PM, Jorg Kewisch <jorg@...> wrote:
      This may be a good time of the year to buy a new honey extractor. I am
      thinking of a 3-6 frame motorized stainless steel one. That will be a
      lot of money for me, so it should be a good deal but it must last.
      From the outside they look all the same to me. Can you give me any tips
      on how to select good quality?


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