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Refilling combs

  • mdudley
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      I wanted to refill some comb and put it in the hive which is a little short of stores.  I checked the internet and found all kinds of ways people had tried, all either pretty complicated (paint sprayer), messy (paint or garden sprayer), or expensive and didn't work well (vacuum chamber).

      I decided I was going to try a low tech approach.  I heated a couple of quarts of honey to 100 to 110 F to thin it, making sure not to get it hot enough to alter it.  Then I poured it into condiment dispensers, like you see ketchup and mustard in at restaurants.  I had one I had bought for barbeque sauce at Kroger which has a smaller opening at the spout than those typically on the tables at restaurants.  It was one of these: https://www.etundra.com/restaurant-dining-room/tabletop-supplies/squeeze-bottles/winco-psb-12c-12-oz-clear-squeeze-bottle

      I laid the frame with the comb down on its side on top of some waxed paper, and then held the dispenser about 3 or 4 inches above it and squeezed a thin stream of honey out, moving the dispenser back and forth over the cells until they were full.

      Once the comb was full, I let it cool down to increase the viscosity of the honey, and then turned it over and did the other side.

      This turned out to be easier and faster than I had ever imagined.

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