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17503Re: [Beekeeping] Manuka Honey ( Australia)

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  • Tim Arheit
    Sep 6, 2013
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      After the recent article I've read... somewhere around 80% of the 'manuka' honey sold is probably not manuka honey.


      On 9/7/2013 12:28 AM, ericgascoigne@... wrote:

      Hi All,
                 Over the years I have had a lot of Manuka honey , at one of my mountain sites
      it produces every year and if I am short of options I put more  bee's on it, but I never try to extract it , I just use it to feed the bees, (take some frames off, for other hives),
      Now my question ---When you hold a frame up to the light its green ==== I have looked at whats being sold in shops as Manuka honey but its not green ,
        Any thoughts.
            I have Manuka (Tee Tree) growing in my backyard, but not acres of it like my mountain site,
         Eric    Far  South East Australia

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