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1748Re: [beekeeping] How do I find a wild hive..

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  • Mark Marinaccio
    Nov 1 7:30 PM
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      The dark black bees are probably a strain of "midnight" bees.   They tend to be a very gentle bee when pure bread....  After a swarm or a queen supersedure their attitude may change...
      In the old days there was a thing called a bee box...  It had openingings in it and a kind of maze inside...  some how oldtimers would use the thing to get the heading or "beeline" - Path of the bees in flight...  then would trek in the direction until they found the hive...  There was a good artical on them in one of the beeculture magazines a few years back.
      What are you going to do when you find them is another question though...  There are some good video tapes on how to hive bees found in a tree, or building...  You may want to watch one before trying....  It's alot of work....
      It is still easier to buy a queen, and split an existing hive in the spring !
      Mark in Massachusetts

      Wayne Chesley <wantnotfarm@...> wrote:
      I started keeping bees this past spring. I have three hives of
      Italian bees. In the late summer, when I had left some brace comb
      scrapings near one hive for the bees to clean up, I noticed a bee
      with different features among the clean up crew. Later under similar
      circumstances I saw another, and today when I put a jar of brace
      comb into a jar, not only did my bees get to work cleaning out the
      honey, but at least three of these foreigners were caught in the act.
      These bees are quite black in color, so much so that they are easy
      to spot. My first thoughe is that they are from a neighbor's hive,
      but to the best of my knowledge, there are no domestic hives within
      s mile or two of mine. I suspect a "wild" hive.

      In any case, I would love to devise a method of finding where these
      black bees come from. If they are "wild", they might be good stock,
      as they would be surviving without treatment for the varipus
      ailments and beasties threatening to (or alreading plaguing) my

      So how can I discover the location of a hive or so of bees within a
      mile or so of my home. I'm patient, and this could be a good home
      school / 4-H / Boy Scout project for my son.

      Wayne in Maine

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