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17446Re: Definition of raw honey

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  • pj121201
    Jul 23, 2013
      I do all of the things talked about here:

      - strain it
      - let it sit for at least 24 hrs before bottling
      - heat-free, let it crystallize as it will

      My honey is a beautiful, pale yellow color with nothing weird floating in it. I've never had any issues with selling it. I only had one person that asked for it directly out of the hive, no straining. I cautioned her that it would have wax floating on the top. But she wanted it anyway. She's a real earth-mother type of person, but even she was ready for the strained honey the next year! A few years ago I got her started with her own hives and now she has her own honey. :)

      I was more curious about how people defined "Raw" honey. My definition is strained and not heated.

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