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17445Re: [Beekeeping] Definition of raw honey

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  • Mike S
    Jul 22, 2013
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      >>>   ... what other beekeepers consider "raw" honey.
      >>>   I've bottled it direct from the extractor....

      My recommendation would be to let the honey settle for at least 24 hours to let the debris float to the top and to skim that off so it's not a part of the bottled honey.  Having this in your honey is a sales killer and can be avoided by the bottler.

      I strain and let set for several days and then skim the top.  You want to present an attractive product to your customers.  They don't want to look at nor have to skim the debris from the top of their honey.  I do not heat my honey except when it has crystallized on it's own.  I do use the Dyce Process to make creamed honey.  http://www.masterbeekeeper.org/dyce/creamhoney.htm 
      Mike in LA
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