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  • Christopher Rappitt
    Jul 6, 2013
      Hi there If you are worried about your bees swarming

       check your hives once every week for Queen cells(Queen cells point down) If you find a couple of queen cells with larvae in them, leave them- these are supersede cells but if there are lots of them they are swarm cells and you need to act fast to prevent swarming ie  Take one of the frames of brood with queen cell/s on it and one more frame of brood also you need to look for remaining queen cells and remove them then feed both halves until they stop taking feed down.
      switching hive positions will ensure balanced number of flying bees( older foragers more aware of location.
      also mate they do like to hang out on the porch when its hot too!
      and there are other reasons for swarming Check out youtube 

      On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Jeannette <Angevine@...> wrote:

      I started 2 hives this spring. Well, I tried to start two hives, with two queens and so on, but *all* the bees went into one of the hives. I've been putting extra supers on to accommodate them, but for some time a lot of them have been outside the hive (in front) and I've been fearing a swarm. So recently I split the hive (don't know yet whether or not it worked). A LOT of bees from the first hive are still outside the doorway and on the front of the hive.

      I should add that it's really hot, and while I've tried to ventilate the hive, I'm sure they're uncomfortable.

      Is this normal? Am I still risking a swarm? Any advice?

      Many thanks --


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