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  • Jeannette
    Jul 6, 2013
      I started 2 hives this spring. Well, I tried to start two hives, with two queens and so on, but *all* the bees went into one of the hives. I've been putting extra supers on to accommodate them, but for some time a lot of them have been outside the hive (in front) and I've been fearing a swarm. So recently I split the hive (don't know yet whether or not it worked). A LOT of bees from the first hive are still outside the doorway and on the front of the hive.

      I should add that it's really hot, and while I've tried to ventilate the hive, I'm sure they're uncomfortable.

      Is this normal? Am I still risking a swarm? Any advice?

      Many thanks --

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