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17325Re: [Beekeeping] Clipped queen

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  • Tim Arheit
    Jun 15, 2013
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      Of course that doesn't mean the hive won't swarm.   They will still swarm with the first virgin, plus you stand a good chance of loosing the clipped queen as she may still try to leave and just get lost.

      On 6/15/2013 9:05 AM, karon wrote:

      If she’s clipped, she cannot fly a it ruins her flight symmetry. The good part of that is she won’t swarm. However, some hives will consider clipping to be a damage to the queen and will superseded her and kill her. Some people won’t have clipped queens, others won’t have anything other than clipped queens.



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      What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the wings clipped on your new queen that would be installed during a requeening?

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