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17319Re: strengthening a hive

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  • roger g
    Jun 14, 2013
      I've done it a couple times early in yr to help a hive that came thru winter weak and need a boost. I take nurse bees and all and put them in with no problem.
      If i have a quennless hive i take a frame of eggs and put in let them raise their own Queen. good luck . roger NJ

      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "S" <sfg0101010@...> wrote:
      > Anyone had any luck in taking capped brood from a good performing hive and placing it in a slow hive, to build up the numbers? I didnt know if the new emerging bees would be accepted or rejected.
      > Honey flow has been great this spring, here....
      > location: Fort Worth, Texas
      > By the way, I think it would be beneficial for everyone posting on here to give their general geographic locations as a point of reference of the discussion. 90 % of the responses seem to be "Where are you located."
      > Thanks
      > Steve
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