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17000Re: How many hives?

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  • Bill
    Mar 29, 2013
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      Where I am, in the city, I can only keep two colonies. I know there are others who live in the city and openly flaunt this law by keeping five to ten, but I'll keep mine at two. The city kind of looks the other way because CCD has been such a huge problem out here, and one needs to keep more than just two colonies going to guard against this. When you deal with losses that approach 40%-50%.... There just isn't much choice in the matter.

      I lost one to CCD or possibly Foulbrood last year. The other across the yard is doing quite well. It's going to swarm at some point. When it does, that will provide me with my second colony, provided the queen stays close at first. I know this isn't a given, but it usually works out like that.

      I find that feral hives are the best at avoiding CCD and other problems. Never had much luck with packaged bees.

      Sacramento, CA

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      > Hehe, I can believe that.  I am going into my second year of bees with both of my hives.  I want to expand to as many hives as I can lay my hands on for this year.  The only thing stopping me so far is I am going in for surgery later in April on both of my feet so I will be a little hampered for a several weeks.  I got both of these hives last June as Nucs and they made it fine so I plan on the same for this year.
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      > Bee fever trumps bee burnout every time.
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