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16996Re: [Beekeeping] How many hives?

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  • Gary Glaenzer
    Mar 28, 2013
      Looking at Year Two here
      Year One was a total bust
      Of two packages, only one survived
      That one was hard-pressed to simply exist given the extreme heat and no rainfall here May-September
      Two swarms caught, neither had time to develop into anything worthwhile
      Going to start over, two more packages due mid-April, plus buying 4 colonies from a beekeeper who has to retire due to physical (extreme ! ) problems.
      We'll see, I guess.
      I remember ordering packages from Sears for $ 9.95 each
      How it has changed, eh ?
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      Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 11:29 AM
      Subject: [Beekeeping] How many hives?


      I am starting my 3rd year beekeeping. I have 4 hives now and I ponder if
      I should expand or not.
      The arguments pro expansion are:
      - I am getting better at beekeeping. I spend less time per hive doing a
      better job.
      - More hives allow me to make mistakes without losing all.
      - Like children is a family all my colonies have different character and
      strength. If I try a treatment on one hive and not on the others it is
      impossible to distinguish the consequence of the treatment from other

      Against expansion:
      Something like "beekeeper burnout"

      Do you have any wisdom for me?

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