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16939Re: [Beekeeping] Storing Supers with Honey and Moth Crystals

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  • Tim Arheit
    Feb 26, 2013
      Not necessarily.   The moth crystals I've seen contain only paradichlorobenzene and is exactly the same as Paramoth sold for this purpose.

      Moth balls on the other hand may also contain napthalene which is a problem.   Though I had always been told that it was obsorbed in the wax, so it's not safe even if there is no honey in the box (ie. new foundation)


      On 2/26/2013 2:34 AM, Ruary Rudd wrote:

      Not unless you want to kill the bees, moth chrystals get absorbed into the honey.
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      Over the winter I've lost all of the bee's in both of my hives. In one hive they vanished without a trace and the other it looked as if they were being robbed when I discovered them gone.

      As they were already being robbed I left the supers out to be cleaned off before putting them in storage until the spring.

      Today I went down to retrieve them and put them in storage and found a super that was about half full of honey. I don't own an extractor of my own and can't get it out easily.

      Is it okay for me to store this super in a bag with the moth crystals and then add it to the fresh bee package I've ordered this spring?

      Knoxville, TN

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