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16907Re: A Beekeeping Question!

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  • Bill
    Feb 8, 2013
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      Best answer yet Mike. Yes, when the weather warms up in the afternoon for the bees to fly -- they're out and about gathering pollen. I can see those full pollen sacks when they return to the hive.

      I'm not sure what we have up here blooming in the dead of winter, but there must be something they like. But, your answer makes me feel better. I'm almost positive there's a queen in there. I've just never been able to spot her before.

      One thing I have noticed? Living in a cookie cutter subdivision that is only half built out? Landscapers choose the cheapest, most common of plants to landscape with. These are plants that grow quickly and show plenty of color.

      They also happen to be enormous pollen producers.

      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, Mike S wrote:
      Another thing to check is whether or not you have bees bringing in pollen into the hive.  If they are bringing a lot of pollen in (1 in every 10 bees or so) then you have a very active colony that is building up for spring.
      > Mike in LA
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