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16903Re: [Beekeeping] A Beekeeping Question!

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  • Jorg Kewisch
    Feb 8, 2013
      This seems to be more the question: How do I find the queen?
      First, the queen may look just like the worker bees with a twice longer
      abdomen. Use Google to see lots of queens.
      Here is what I do, please tell us your method.I start with the bottom
      box, leave the inner cover on the top box. If I start at the top the
      bees will move down and the bottom box will be overcrowded and hard to
      I remove the outer frame and inspect it, put it aside. Then I inspect
      carefully the center frames because the queen is most likely there. If I
      don't find her I go through all frames.
      If still not found I put a queen excluder and the top box on. With light
      smoke the bees will move down and make it easier to find the left behind
      Don't forget to remove the queen excluder afterwards;)

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