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16902Re: [Beekeeping] A Beekeeping Question!

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  • Gary Glaenzer
    Feb 8, 2013
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      Well, since by definition:
      1) Laying workers produce Drones only
      2) Drones must be fed by workers
      I'd say 'NO'
      Don't feel bad about not finding the queen.....just look for eggs and capped (flat, not domed) brood; if you have those, she is in there
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      From: Bill
      Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 4:46 PM
      Subject: [Beekeeping] A Beekeeping Question!


      I know the standard drill. Ask ten different beekeepers the same question and you're liable to get ten completely different answers. But hopefully I'll get a majority here.

      The question is this: Can a colony, where the queen has died, and a laying worker has taken over, survive the winter?

      I'm almost positive that the answer is no because colonies with laying workers are DOOMED, but I've got a hive that survived my winter out here and I've never once spotted a queen in there (Note: I have a hard time spotting queens to be honest, and this one isn't marked. It was a wild swarm when I got it).

      Thank you,

      Sacramento, CA

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