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16898Re: [Beekeeping] A Beekeeping Question!

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  • Mike S
    Feb 7, 2013
      >>>   Do you have a regular brood in a regular pattern or only drone brood in a sporadic pattern?

      That is the question to ask.  If you have only drone brood (looks like .22 bullets pointing up) or do you have worker brood for the most part (looks like flat white tan cappings)?  If it's all bullets then you have a drone layer.  But if you have no drone brood or very little and mostly the flat capped brood you do indeed have a queen in the hive.  Another thing to check is whether or not you have bees bringing in pollen into the hive.  If they are bringing a lot of pollen in (1 in every 10 bees or so) then you have a very active colony that is building up for spring.

      Mike in LA

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