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16854FW: New Look, New Chairman, New Year!

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  • Charles Walter
    Jan 1, 2013

      Thought I’d share.

      Charles Walter


      Subject: New Look, New Chairman, New Year!


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      PAm was in Sacramento to attend the 3-day event which gathered 2,400 growers. Christi Heintz, PAm Director and Bee Taskforce Liaison, spoke on the importance of 'Planting Honeybee Forage Crops In and Around Almond Orchards'.  Meg Ribotto, PAm Outreach Manager, staffed a booth, distributed seed packets and enlisted almond growers to sign-up for the 'Seeds for Bees' project.  With an invitation from PAm, George Hansen, ABF President, spoke on what it takes to get healthy honeybees to CA for pollination services.  George enlightened the attendees on pest & pathogen control, requeening, maintaining hives, prep for winter, nutrition and the costs of bringing colonies to CA.

      ABC Booth

      Christine Gemperle, grower & bee forage participant with Meg Ribotto, PAm



      January 2013


      New Year, New Newsletter!

      2013 is a Year for Change



      Dear PAm Friend 


      Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to learn all about new changes for Project Apis m in 2013!



      Dan Cummings

      Dan Cummings


      On Dec. 27th, Dan Cummings stepped down from his role as PAm Board Chairman. Dan co-founded our non-profit organization in 2006 as a 'new vision' to direct research to enhance the health of honeybees while improving crop production. Under Dan's leadership PAm has experienced tremendous growth and has had a direct impact on the beekeeping industry. In 6 short years, under Dan's guidance, PAm had 41 board meetings, undertook 37 projects and funded research studies totaling $661,203.  Dan was also instrumental in successfully bidding on and receiving $1,043,024 in grant funding, as well as, acquiring $655,000 in corporate funding.  Dan will remain on the PAm board and will continue to lend his expertise and support.  Thank you, Dan, for your leadership the past 6 years.



      NEW PAm Board Chairman

      Photo of Gordy Wardell

      Dr. Gordon Wardell

      Dr. Gordon Wardell was  voted in as Project Apis m. Board Chairman.  Gordy is a bee biologist for Paramount Farming and  President of the South Valley Bee Club.  A beekeeper, himself, he has served as a PAm Scientific Advisor and has authored numerous scientific publications on honeybees.  Dr. Wardell is very qualified to lead PAm into the future and to continue the vision of Project Apis m.  Congratulations Dr. Gordon Wardell.



      Transporting Colonies to California?

      Watch this 7 minute video to learn BMP's for transportation. 

      Transporting Honeybee Colonies to California for Almond Pollination - 7 Minutes

      Transporting Honeybee Colonies to California for Almond Pollination - 7 Minutes




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