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16769Re: Using the Dicot system

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  • mommyhen42
    Nov 5, 2012
      There is drawn comb on one side of the box, but I didnt leave the box open to the bees, because the workers can enter it anyway.

      I will give that a try in the spring and see if that helps.
      Thank you

      what is the "punch" method?

      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, Mike S <mws1112004@...> wrote:
      > >>>  I have a nicot queen system, but cant get a queen interested in laying in those plastic egg cups.   ... what did you do to entice the queen to lay?
      > I used the Nicot system several times.  I placed the plastic box in the middle of an empty drawn comb.  I left the queen excluder off and left the frame it for about a week before I wanted to introduce the queen to the system.  The bees were using the comb on each side of the box and I guess had "scented"  the box.  I then introduced the queen according to instructions.  The next day I checked the queen and the cells in the box.  She had laid eggs in about 90+% of the cells.   Since that first time I have tried twice.  I misplaced the queen excluder cover and used another one I bought that just about fit.  In that case the queen escaped before laying any eggs.  The second time the queen escaped somehow and I didn't get any eggs laid that time either.  Now, this coming year, I'm going to try the cell punch method advocated by a state club member.  I'll see how that one does.
      > I think the critical thing is to get the box in the middle of a frame of drawn comb and to have it in the middle of the brood of the colony from which you're getting the queen and have that frame and Nicot box scented with the hive's scent before you place the queen in the box. 
      > Good luck.
      > Mike in LA
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