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16767Re: Tiny but prolific queen

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  • mommyhen42
    Nov 4, 2012
      The smoke issue was in a removal/turned cutout that I was doing.
      Even the sugar water did not change the behavior of this hive.
      They have since lost their queen (intentionally) and I will be removing queen cells as they make them, then I will introduce a frame of eggs and brood from one of my docile hives, so that they can make a nice docile queen.

      I have a nicot queen system, but cant get a queen interested in laying in those plastic egg cups. I have since ordered some wax ones, as with everything going on here, I really dont have time to go to home depot to find the right sized dowel to make my own.

      Other than using wax cups instead of those plastic ones, has anyone had any success using this system, and what did you do to entice the queen to lay?

      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, Eric mac <godoftheatre@...> wrote:
      > If smoke is a factor, you may want to try using warm sugar water spray (a fine mist) either alone or in combination with the smoke. I have found that with all my hives, sugar water is preferable during all checks except the harvest.
      > Cheers:
      > Eric
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