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16067It's SWARM Season!

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  • Bill
    Apr 1 12:53 PM
      I'm happy to report that I successfully captured and hived my first wild swarm on Thursday and they are loving their new home. My hive is painted a neon pink with Hello Kitty characters on it. The bees seem to love it.

      I'm a fan of wild swarms over packaged bees. Wild swarms come from successful colonies and just do not have the problems that packaged bees can bring. Plus, they're FREE! The swarm I collected last week is FAT. It covered five frames.

      Because of CCD problems that I've experience, I'm adding a second hive to the backyard. Therefore, I'm still in the swarm collection mode. Unfortunately, I picked a bad time to get sick. The day after I collected my first wild swarm, a low grade virus kicked in. The fever is a slight one, but it's there. The doctor I visited said antibiotics would be useless. He instead perscribed plenty of rest, fluid, Motrin, Tylenol and chocolate milkshakes. What a doctor!

      Point is? If you get a chance to hive a wild swarm? Do it. We don't have the problem with Africanized strains that some of you do. Every swarm this far north is guaranteed to be docile.

      Sacramento, CA
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