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15797Re: [Beekeeping] Advie on weak hime

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  • Nick Holmes
    Jul 4, 2011
      might like to look at why the hive is dwindling... varroa? disease? 

      are they starving due to the 'june gap'? I had a starving hive right by a healthy hive and they picked right up when I gave them light syrup (1lb sugar to 1 pint water) 

      was the queen fertilized when you requeened or a virgin?

      to boost numbers in the short term you could take a frame of capped brood from the strong hive and put it in the weak hive. I would not swap a frame from weak to the strong one though incase it is disease.

      You could take some bees on the frame too, if you icing sugared the bees well on there first, to disguise the smell of the queen otherwise they will fight when you put them in.


      On 4 July 2011 02:24, sherill lockwood <sherillynn@...> wrote:

      Do you see any capped brood? Or eggs? If neither are present, you can do one of three things.
      1- You can order a new queen
      2- You can take a frame of eggs and larvae from your strongest hive and let them make their own queen. This will take a while and if the hive is already dwindling, and potentially they will die out before there is brood hatching
      3- You can add the bees that you have in the weak hive to one of your other hives using the newspaper method. This will at least make use of them and not waste them.
      Hope this helps.

      From: Michael Zaiontz <mzaiontz@...>
      To: beekeeping@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, July 3, 2011 7:37 PM
      Subject: [Beekeeping] Advie on weak hime

      I am  a beginner beekeeper. I have 3 hives. 2 are packaged and one has been removed from a house. One of the packaged hives and the hive that was removes are doing very well and are  very strong in terms of the number of bees.  The other packaged hive appears to be dwindling.  It has re-queered, but activity is at a minimum. I am feed the  weak hive but I thing things are at an end.
      Does anyone have any advice?
      Mike in Louisiana

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