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1571RE: [beekeeping] Re: Feeding the bees.

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  • Karen D. Oland
    Sep 2, 2003
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      That is about twice the sugar you should use -- they will take and store it
      much faster aat 5 lb sugar and enough water to finish filling a 1 gallon
      container. They are probably using the exces water to thin down what you
      are feeding.

      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: doug23838
      > My feed mix is 10 lbs of sugar + 1 Gal of water.
      > They love it. I use the inverted quart jar in a boardman feeder.
      > Each colony will easily eat 1 quart per day.
      > They're also drinking lots of water. I have a bucket with a towel
      > draped over a brick standing on edge. The towel wicks up water and
      > the bees land on the towel and drink. There is always 2 dozen or
      > more bees drinking.

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