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15542RE: [Beekeeping] First Winter

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  • Julie Bainbridge
    Feb 2, 2011
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      Sounds pretty normal to me.  My son (the real beekeeper) says a few bees sprinkled outside the hive is probably just due to housekeeping and is actually a good sign that the bees are OK

      We just had the storm that you’re expecting.  Lots of snow yesterday and beautiful drifts today...




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      It's been a particularly difficult winter here in NE USA. Significant snow fall each week since Christmas. We've got several feet of accumulated snow, with freezing rain falling on top today. Our 10th snow storm of the season is coming on Saturday, another next week.

      This is my first winter keeping bees, and I don't know exactly what I'm seeing. I've wrapped the hives and installed an upper entrance. On "warm" days -- 30 to 35 degrees (F) I see bees flying outside. I would have thought that they'd wait for temperatures in the 40s/50s for cleansing flights.

      On some days there are dead bees sprinkled around the snow outside the hives. I'm hoping these are previously dead bees that get thrown out while doing house cleaning, as opposed to bees that died before they could get back. I guess, since they're so close to the hives, it must be discarded bees.


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